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The MSP project is a collaboration of scientists, teachers, graduate students, and IT specialists with the overall arching goal to refine current K-12 frameworks and assessments for learning progressions that lead to environmental science literacy. Given the above, the purpose of the MSP online exam administration website and its underlying database is to facilitate the collection, analysis and dissemination of environmental science literacy data. The system consists of an enterprise level database, commercial components, OpenSource components, and custom programming. It is accessible through the Internet with standard browsers.

Core Partners: 1) Colorado State University; 2) Michigan StateUniversity; 3) University of California, Santa Barbara; 4) Cary Institute of Ecosystems Studies; 5) Towson University; 6) Maryland State Department of Education; 7) University of Northern Colorado; 8) University of Wyoming; and 9) University of New Mexico; 10) Kellogg Biological Station; 11) Short Grass Steppe LTR; 12) Santa Barbare Coastal LTR; 13) National Research Ecology Lab, CSU.