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[+/-] I've been told to take a teacher survey, how do I access the survey?

You can access your teacher surveys from the "Take Surveys" tab of your dashboard.

[+/-] I agreed to share my data when I registered, but I've changed my mind. How do I opt not to share my data?

If you would like to change your data sharing preferences, please email the CarbonTIME team at msp.drk12@gmail.com

[+/-] What is "My Dashboard"?

Your dashboard is your one-stop shop for all major features in the system. The page is divided into two sections 1) Give Tests, and 2) Take Surveys.

Give Tests: All of your classes are displayed on the Give Tests page. Classes for the current academic year are at the top and an "Older Classes\�? section further down the page lists classes from previous academic years. Use the buttons next to the classes to: Give Tests, See Results, Rename a class, Manage Students, or Delete a class.

Take Surveys: If you are participating in the Carbon TIME research project, you will be asked to take surveys assigned to your cohort. Those surveys can be found on the Take Surveys page. Any open exams will display in the table. You can start or resume an exam by clicking the button next to an exam. Once you have finished the exam, you will not be able to start it again.